Let’s be very clear about purpose of this website. We are not anti-Gakkai (Soka Gakkai Malaysia). We are dissatisfied with the current top leadership in SGM, which is made up of 6 powerful Executive Central Committee (ECC) leaders.

In the past two years, a major incident happened in Johor, read here. The ECC failed to contain this situation and it had gotten worse. There were hatred, distrust, accusations, shouting and finger pointing. Our organisation forgot that we were once a faith organisation and compassion was key to being a Buddhist.

During our fathers’ time, when they were practicing Nichiren Buddhism under NSM and the early times of SGM, these issues about top leadership existed. The leaders broke one of the 3 golden rules of SGM – no borrowing money, no relationship with married people and no setting up businesses among members. During that time, everyone kept quiet because they did not want to upset the organisation and members’ faith. Over time, people forgot about these wrong doings. The leaders became bold. They thought that no one could catch them. And it led to the Johor incident and to what we see today. If we kept quiet today, would history repeat itself? Will these leaders start to think that they are all powerful and be bolder? Do we want to see our daughters being a potential victim of womanizing when they do their activities in this organization in the future?

We had a lot of discussions among ourselves whether we wanted to launch this website and what are the consequences. Buddhism teaches that one of the 3 poisons is ignorance (stupidity). If all of us kept quiet for the sake of members’ practicing, are we not making the members ignorant; are we not feeding them poison? Are we not misleading them by following a platform that is crooked? What about our children’s practice?

This website is set up to put forth facts of what are happening now as well as being a platform for members to contribute their experience with the leaders. It also served to provide a check and balance of these leaders’ actions. With a constantly updated website, time will not forget these wrong doings.  We hope that by putting forth facts for you to read at your own leisure, you can make a judgment by yourself. We should learn from history and ensure that it will not be repeated.

Remember, we only want the best for kosen-rufu in Malaysia. We don’t see it happening in this moment of chaos created under the leadership of the current General Director and the ECC. We promise you that the moment the leadership have changed and the moment SGM put in place proper governance process and execute the 4 pillars of transparency, fairness, accountability and responsibility, we will close this website.

25 Oct – Update: you can now type daylight.my in your browser to come to this website! It is easier to remember daylight.my, isn’t it?