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Fairness, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency in Soka Gakkai Malaysia 公正, 问责制, 责任, 透明度


September 2016

Survey Result

Result from the Aug 2016 survey on the Dissolution of the 6-man Executive Central Committee.
Result from the Aug 2016 survey on the Dissolution of the 6-man Executive Central Committee.

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Comments on Driving Members and Leaders Attitude

The Culture and Art of Soka post has about 7 comments from our readers. If you haven’t read them yet, you can go to the bottom of that article and read. Thank you to our readers for submitting their views.

We are compiling them here because these public comments were very valid and we’d like to share it with you. Continue reading “Comments on Driving Members and Leaders Attitude”

Will you stand up? 您会站立起来吗?

Letter from another reader, White Lotus:

Many years ago, there was allegations of SGM top leaders taking advantage of young women division members who went to them for dialogues…. (English text after Chinese text below)


很多年前, SGM高层干部被指控当学会的女子部向他们展开对话时被欺负,也导致了一位女子部停止出席学会活动。当这位女子部的干部发现了这一点,她向其他的干部寻求意见,但被要求不要大肆提起此事。

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We are not merely passive pawns of historical forces nor victims of the past. We can shape and direct history. Renewing faith in the capacity of people—individually and collectively—to create the future, is the most pressing task facing us today.


Culture and Art of Soka – Touring Education Programme “创价艺文之道”艺文教育系列巡回分享


A few days ago, a memo from SGM was sent out… (English text after the Chinese text)

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An organization that is willing to change will thrive. It all starts from a leader who is willing to change him- or herself.



Why is this site called Daylight?

25 Oct – Update: you can now type in your browser to come to this website!

We have some readers writing to us thanking us for the website and a few asked us about the name. Why is it called Daylight?

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While our Johor comrades were lobbying for top SGM leaders to take action against certain individual for mishandling of funds…


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