My Gakkai, My Home

Thanks for setting up this portal for me to voice my thoughts. I have something I’d like to share. I grew up with Gakkai and I have participated in many activities. I love  Gakkai a lot and I’d give my life for Gakkai. Ikeda Sensei trusted Gakkai in our hands so that we can bring happiness to people in Malaysia, in the world.

But the Gakkai I see in the past one year is Not the Gakkai I grew up with. There are so many rumours, gossips and bad mouthing among leaders. Many meetings were held to discussed Johor issues instead of discussing members happiness. Now, there are so much mistrust among members and leaders. People whom I met in meetings looked at me and assessed which sides I am on. Some even openly asked me which side I stand. I go to meetings with a very heavy heart. I don’t find the joy that I felt when I participate in Gakkai activities and it breaks my heart to see that the joyful and full of energy organization that I grow up with is now a place of despair and misery. It’s like going to a abandon Disneyland. You remember this special roller coaster or that rides which you had so much fun on but it is now abandoned and overgrown with poison ivy.`

One leader I spoke to said that we should not leave Gakkai. We should protect Gakkai. That is what Ikeda Sensei and Toda Sensei wanted us to do.

However, this is not the Gakkai which Ikeda Sensei passed down to us.

This Gakkai is losing leaders and members. The current Gakkai is a place of unhappiness and quarrels. One leader told me that the people who are against Gakkai are  “falling into hell because of the karma that are created”. I was taken aback. I didn’t expect Gakkai leader to use such an ugly word. Is this person cursing people who are against Gakkai? Where was the compassion that Nichiren Daishonin and Ikeda Sensei have been teaching us since I was young?

As I think further, Gakkai is made up of members and leaders. Our contributions in the past was what makes Gakkai so great. Losing these members and leaders means that we are losing a big part of Gakkai. As such, I think the current Gakkai is not the Gakkai that Sensei passed on to us. This is GD’s Gakkai. The leader who asked me not to leave Gakkai are not protecting Gakkai anymore. He/she is protecting GD’s Society.

Many of us see this. We want Gakkai back. Gakkai does not belong to Mr GD nor the top leadership. Gakkai belongs to members. But Mr GD does not wish us to come back. He’s like the security guard that does not let you go into your own condominium. The condo does not belong to the security guard. He just hold the key but he is a powerful gatekeeper. He also have other guards at the foyer blocking you if you attempt to go in. And so, you can’t go back into your house of happiness. What do you do then? I honestly do not know.

I will continue to chant and practice at home, chanting for a reform and for members and leaders happiness. When people are happy, surely they will not be quarrelling. Will you chant with me?

From SeekingHappiness.

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