25 Oct – Update: you can now type daylight.my in your browser to come to this website!

We have some readers writing to us thanking us for the website and a few asked us about the name. Why is it called Daylight?

When Toda Sensei was released from prison after World War 2, he stood in the ashes of war and made a vow to rebuild Soka Gakkai and to bring happiness to the people of Japan. This was documented in the first chapter of Human Revolution. The title of the chapter was Dawn.

Many years later, when the task of world wide kosen-rufu was bestowed upon Ikeda Sensei, he documented his work in New Human Revolution. The first book of NHR, which documented his visit to USA, was called Sunrise.

We feel that in order for kosen-rufu to expand in Malaysia, SGM needs to rise from the ashes of this 2-year Johor incident. There are a lot of work to do in the upcoming months/years, almost akin to rebuilding the organisation. SGM need to work to win back trust and support from members and leaders through the four pillars of Transparency, Fairness, Accountability and Responsibility. Underlying this four pillar should be communication. Constant touch points and education to grassroots of the actions being put in place is very key to keep all the bad and negative thoughts away.

We wish that the effort of rebuilding SGM will shine on us a new hope for a new SGM, one that will accelerate the growth of Nichiren Buddhism in Malaysia. That will be the Daylight we have all been waiting for!


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