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J.Ling said: Yes everyone in SGM has a right to demand answers for the sensible questions raised here.

Most of the time leaders have use own transport to carry visiting members from other states of malaysia from airport and take them to dinners or lunch before sending them to hotel. Next two days ferry them to and fro to meetings and sent them off to airports when events finished and we have fork out our own money for these expenses.”

W.Lotus said: I’m a leader and I agree with you, James. Many times when we have nationwide or State wide meetings, the expense responsibilities lies with the leaders in the states to take care of the visiting members. Leaders are willing to fork out because they thought SGM does not have the funds. Instead of using the funds for these kosen rufu activities involving members, SGM used it for other unrelated matters.”

T.Heart said For many times , SGM top leaders will use “good fortune” as the reason to explain why we should use our own money for kosenrufu expenses within our respective areas. Even when cultural groups went for performance , at times they need to fork out their own money and expenses including SGM students in high schools. Like what other commentators mentioned earlier, we thought SGM doesn’t have the money and willingly we would spend the money to ensure that these activities will be smooth and successful in its operation. Let us not forget that many families in SGM are also struggling financially and our SGM top leaders daringly , without much guilt , would tell the members that they are accumulating good fortune by spending money cos it is for the sake of Buddhism.

In many Gosho and Sensei guidance , we were taught that our daimoku daimoku and strong faith in the Gohonzon are the reasons we are able to change our karma and never about contributing money being a factor to change our life. SGM should start to subsidise partial/full expenses for our district /community/ national level activities. Why is that ? Because it’s Rakyat’s money. Hmm… I should say it is “40,000 of Rakyat Soka’s” money. All of the money should be spend to develop the faith of Rakyat Soka. Every Rakyat Soka should be getting return of investment of the ‘tax’ that they’ve given to SGM as a Buddhist organisation such as better facilities in kaikan, sponsors for 4D seminars including youth and student seminars , and the list could go on and on in which I presume SGM top leaders would know what else the members could benefit from (I hope).

In the era , the leadership style that conveys “just trust us. We’ve known each other for a long time. Don’t ask so much. Sensei appointed these top leaders and we should trust them” isn’t going to work. This type of leadership belong to the 1970’s and 80’s. We need SGM National top leaders and every State Top leaders that has the mindset of the 21st century that practices transparency , accountability , and willing to listen , accept and be criticised by others in the face of crisis. We want top leaders both national and state level to have the attitude of “embracing all species ” as mentioned by Nichiren Daishonin in the Orally Transmitted Teachings of the Lotus Sutra.

If any SGM national top leaders or any State top leaders were to ask me on aspects that top leaders need to change or do human revolution , I would reply that they need to do human revolution in aspect of “Embracing all species ” as mentioned in the Orally Transmitted Teachings of the Lotus Sutra.”

ringgit said The puzzling thing to me, is that many leaders are aware of this now, I am sure, and yet, many are just keeping quiet and suffering in silence. Why? Do they fear cause & effect for speaking up against Gakkai? If they do, then, their understanding of Buddhism fundamentals is already wrong. How can anyone look at wrong doings and then just allow it?

I really do not understand this mentality!”

Libra said: My thought goes to those sincerely dedicate their life for Kosenrufu when I read this article.

I spoke to a MD recently and he shared about an ungrateful attitude of his encounter with a top leader in one of the state (K) where he and I come from. The leader asked this MD to ferry some members from another state (D) where this MD works one day on the way back to K.

When this MD arrived at the restaurant back home with the members, a top MD took over the responsibility to bring the members for dinner. He just said coldly to the MD who had ferried these members back “there is none of your business here from now on, you can leave now.” Is this the right attitude of a centre figure? Is this not like burning the bridge after reaching the other end? This didn’t happen once or twice. Mind you because of this kind of attitude of many top leaders there, the wife of this MD (it took many years for him to Shakubuku his wife), stopped coming out to attend meetings and stopped chanting. She channels her energy and time towards helping in another charitable organization where people there are warm and friendly.

How long would it take for these arrogant leaders to be awakened that their character and attitude is turning people away? Can our kosenrufu movements expand with these bunch of arrogant leaders?”

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