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Fairness, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency in Soka Gakkai Malaysia 公正, 问责制, 责任, 透明度


September 2016

Why is this site called Daylight?

25 Oct – Update: you can now type in your browser to come to this website!

We have some readers writing to us thanking us for the website and a few asked us about the name. Why is it called Daylight?

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While our Johor comrades were lobbying for top SGM leaders to take action against certain individual for mishandling of funds…


My Gakkai, My Home

My Gakkai, My Home

Thanks for setting up this portal for me to voice my thoughts. I have something I’d like to share. I grew up with Gakkai and I have participated in many activities. I love  Gakkai a lot and I’d give my life for Gakkai. Ikeda Sensei trusted Gakkai in our hands so that we can bring happiness to people in Malaysia, in the world.

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