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Fairness, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency in Soka Gakkai Malaysia 公正, 问责制, 责任, 透明度


October 2016

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Fighting Against Evil

In this week’s Buddhist essentials study meeting, we learned about Refuting the Nikken sect, or in other words, Fighting Against Evil. Scholars and learned people say that we should learn from history so that we do not repeat the folly of the past. The materials below are from the Elementary Level/Youth Level 3 Study Exam book.

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Quote from Toda Sensei

One of the fundamentals of Buddhism is to not inflict harm on anyone and to help free all people from suffering. Another is to bring joy to all people. This is the heart of the Buddha’s compassion.

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A Quiet Revolution

A group of young people started a website or blog to discuss the current issue. In fact, their knowledge of the issues is impressive to us, perhaps they have first hand knowledge. Regardless, it’s a great website in both English and Mandarin. Highly recommended read.

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Transparency in organisation structure 组织结构透明度。

 “I’d like to share something on transparency. SGM put this as a key pillar and I hope they are looking into being transparent on procurement policies, tender processes, financial and accounting procedures and management selection. I’d like to just zoom into one topic which I believe is dear to our members’ heart. The topic is on membership and AGM (Annual General Meeting).

“我想分享我对透明度的看法。 SGM 注重透明度我也希望他们也能朝向这透明度在采购政策,招标程序, 财务和会计程序和管理制度上做到。 我也想放大让大家注重的学会里年度总会。

(English text after Chinese text)

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Resignation 辞去我干部职位

如果SGM 在2016 年 12 月开始辞去更多的干部, 您会如何回应?

What if SGM starts to terminate more leaders in December 2016? How will you react?

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