A group of young people started a website or blog to discuss the current issue. In fact, their knowledge of the issues is impressive to us, perhaps they have first hand knowledge. Regardless, it’s a great website in both English and Mandarin. Highly recommended read.

One easy way is to sign up via email to follow their blog (as you would do for Daylight also). That way, when there is a new update, you will get an email with an excerpt of the new post.

A few highlights from A Quiet Revolution:

Your detractors have lost, basing on what had happened so far. They were sacked and those who disliked you left. A few hundreds in total. You retain your positions at the General Council and the Vice SGM MD leader. The ECC and the General Council did not, or dare not, make any suggestion to remove you. If this is a war, you have won. With the fragmentation of the entire state, is the victory meaningful to you?

In the interest of the our beloved organisation, one that is of the Buddha’s will and decree, I earnestly urge you to consider resigning from all positions of leadership immediately. By doing so, it will certainly make a big step towards stamping out some of the fire that has been spreading and destroying the organisation.

read: A Open Letter to Tan Kiang Howe

Our own favourite is Progress so far as it documented, in clear 10 points, what are the action items and deliverable that SGM has promised in being transparent and accountable, and what status these actions are at:

1.0 External audit on SGM accounts for 2016

In 2016 AGM, held in May, SGM agreed to engaged an external audit firm to audit the 2016 accounts. No Terms of Reference was not released. No information is given on the scope of the audit and external auditors roles and responsibilities. Where is the transparency that was promised?

read: Progress so far

Another great article addressing Nichiren Buddhist Association, a taboo topic among SGM members but needed to be addressed directly:

Over 400 leaders left. Not four. Not fourteen. It is indeed high time for SGM to carry out a thorough review on our state of affairs and where did we go so wrong till more than half of our leaders in Johor chose to leave us. And please do not draw parallelism with what happened in Selangor in the past. These Johor leaders left with profound disappointment and pain. It was a hard decision. We may agree or disagree with them, but there is little doubt that the decision is painful.

read: NBA – Friend or Enemy?

It seems that in Selangor Region, there is a Soka Spirit Committee. This committee was set up to fight against evil, where it’s original intention is to refute Nikken sect. In the past two months, this committe have written and published two Newsletters to implicate that NBA members and the people who write about SGM in social media (do they mean us as well?) are the new, emerging evil.

How can the Soka Spirit Newsletter claimed that the “issues are resolved” when there are so many unanswered questions? Is it because SGM wanted to prevent further investigation to get to the bottom of these questions such that they are so impatient to declare “mission accomplished”, or “issues are resolved”? And why does this Newsletter used jargons like “minor good, great evil” to threaten and frighten people who ask questions? Is it better to ask whether the questions are legitimate first, than to hastily labeled them as “work of the devils“?

read: Minor good, great evil?