We have mixed feelings after attending the All Leaders’ Meet a couple of days ago. SGM would like to share learnings from a recent autumn training in Japan. It was a last minute notice. Due to the nature of the “last minute” arrangement, and that it coincided with the establishment of NBA KL, many of us were curious. That evening, all 5 speakers were members of the highest echelon, the Executive Council Committee (ECC).

前几天我们出席了全体干部会我们感到非常的百感交集。 SGM想分享在日本秋天培训学习的收获。这是最后一分钟的通知。由于那种“最后一分钟”的安排,而且也与吉隆坡日连佛法复兴会(NBA)的建立重合。那天晚上的5为主讲人是中央委员会的会员(ECC)。

前几天我们出席了全体干部会我们感到非常的百感交集。 SGM想分享在日本秋天培训学习的收获。这是最后一分钟的通知。由于那种“最后一分钟”的安排,而且也与吉隆坡日连佛法复兴会(NBA)的建立重合。那天晚上的5为主讲人是中央委员会的会员(ECC)。

为什么是最后一分钟的安排?干部们是在早上得知全体干部会是在同一天的晚上举行。这是由于难得这5为ECC会员能够在一起做分享吗?主讲者是重点吗,或有没有顾虑到出席的人的方便? 许多的出席的干部们必须取消自己的行程来出席。如果要传达的信息那么重要,应给大家事先通知好让大家能够安排好时间。从我们的观点来说,这会议重点是主讲者而不是出席者。好在是在每个地域会馆有播放现场视频,所以许多人不需要赶到蕉赖会馆。



宇宙报(10月)-SGM 的2030目标做了很好的概述(实际上只是一个点被强调-雇佣外部审计师),我们还是很感谢这项更新。但是,在十一月的全体干部会将是一个很好的平台来共享组织将做出什么详细的计划和里程碑。我们并没有机会看到详细的蓝图。如果读者有看过,我们非常欢迎你们来和我们分享。


我们从那天晚上得到了这些消息都是关于 制造恐惧,疑惑和怀疑。例如,其中一位的主讲者提到向SGI教学部的首席请教关于NBA的事故。SGI教学部的首席提到任何人试图分裂组织是谤法的。



Why such a last minute arrangement? Leaders were informed in the morning that the ALM would be on the same evening. Was it due to the rare chance to get all 5 ECC members to be available and free to do the sharing? Were the speakers the spotlight, the VIP, even at the inconvenience of the attendees? How many had to cancel prior arrangements or fought the heavy traffic after one of the angriest storm? If the message was important, shouldn’t there be advance noticed so everyone could plan their time for the meeting? From our view, it was more to accommodate the speakers instead of the leaders attending the meeting. The good thing was that it was a telecast in each region Kaikan, so many did not have to rush to Cheras.

The general theme of the meeting, emphasized in different view points by the 5 speakers, but still circling around the same theme, was a propaganda against the people who left, against the use of social media and blogs, about how Soka Gakkai is the only true organization which propagate Nichiren’s words, about how everyone need to practice itai doshin, many in body, one in mind, against the current threats to SGM (*see below*)

Why didn’t SGM use this opportunity that night, since we have the top 5 authorities in the organization, to share exactly what are the detailed plans to bring transparency, fairness, accountability and responsibility to SGM by 2030 (btw, we still think 2030 is too long)? Instead of striking fear and uncertainty at the leaders’ heart again, lashing out against blogs like Daylight, we were waiting for SGM to outline plans to solve the root of the issue.

October Cosmic SGM Vision 2030 had a good overview of what have been done (actually, it was just one action – appointment of an external auditor) and we do appreciate that update. But, the Nov ALM would be a great platform to share the detailed plans and milestones of what the organization planned to do. We didn’t have a chance to see the blueprint in detail. If any of our readers have saw these before, we would be happy to hear from you.

(* Update: thanks to a reader who asked us, let’s be specifics what happened in the meeting.

The message we got from that night was all about FUD – creating fear, uncertainty and doubt. For instance, one of the speakers mentioned about consulting SGI study chief on the NBA and SGI chief said that anyone who attempted to split the organisation is slandering against the law. 

On social and media, GD said that these people liked to twist and turn the words, telling a story that sound logical but when peeling the skin to look inside, there is no substance (i.e. not true). Last we checked, what we wrote were things we saw with our own eyes, heard with our own ears. We were glad that he pointed out bloggers because when there is persecution, it also meant what we have written must have some truth.

And then finally, there was this topic on Soka Gakkai Buddha that clearly is a noble thing, but when used in the context of SGM in Malaysia, where the organisation is obviously not in the right path anymore, SGM does not deserve that honour.)