It is shocking for us to note that in today’s State Rep leaders meeting, GD reminded leaders of the importance of monetary gokuyo and stressed that SGM requires a healthy gokuyo fund to continue it’s long term goal of kosen-rufu in Malaysia. This statement was made because of a drastic drop of 8,000 contributors in the October 2016 gokuyo.

8,000 was an alarming number, yes, but surely GD knew why the turnout dropped. The words are out. Members have spoken with their pockets and their actions. Isn’t it time to reflect on why people did not contribute instead of pushing for this gokuyo agenda again?

Here’s an excerpt of what GD said in regards to gokuyo:

  1. Malaysia has a spirit of great gokuyo since 1980s
  2. This spirit has been destroyed recently due to Johor incident and the alleged corruption in SGM
  3. He also said that there are words among members that the economy of Malaysia is bad, so why does SGM lack compassion and continue to ask people to give money knowing that there’s act of corruption?
  4. GD said these are unsubstantiated rumours and have no proof.
  5. When you viewed kosenrufu over 100 years, 1,000 years and 10,000 years and more, the amount that we have today is minuscule
  6. He emphasized that behind the spirit of gokuyo is compassion because gokuyo is for members and leaders to accumulate good fortune and to transform their karma
  7. He urged that we should continue this tradition of contribution (gokuyo) and be proud that SGM is the champion in this regards

Why did GD continue to stress that SGM need fund? Looking at the Balance Sheet of SGM as at 31 Dec 2015, there is a MYR$355 Million cash in fixed deposit! This is not even counting gokuyo in 2016, which is the 2nd year to drive for funds for SGI SEATC. Why is an organization sitting on $355 Million of cash still need more fund? With that amount in fixed deposit, SGM is collecting more than $1 Million in interest every month! Is that not enough for it’s monthly operational expense? Why still want to squeeze members for their hard earned money and then said that the amount is considered minuscule?

Of course, in the same meeting, GD continued to ask leaders to eradicate evil (he was referring to NBA). We don’t want to discuss this in this post yet.

I think the message is very clear to us. Despite our website to create awareness; despite 8,000 silent protesters; despite declaring again and again since April that SGM will be fair, accountable, responsible and transparent (f.a.r.t.), these are all just lip service. SGM leadership did not have any sense of repentance and self reflection!

The f.a.r.t. are just what it reads like – fart, a wisp of foul smell. There is no sincerity to f.a.r.t.

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