8 Jan 2017 – Today is a black day for Soka Gakkai Malaysia. If you are a leader of SGM, you should be really ashamed of what happened. Disgrace is the word we will use to describe today. One or two days before today’s All Leaders’s Meet, many leaders who stood for justice, received phone calls informing them they were being stripped off their title and were demoted to being a member. The axe came down swift and certain. The execution was through a short phone call. No dialogue. No reasons given. You are out. Just like that.

demo-in-front-of-ipaSome of these leaders came to ALM today. They wanted an answer, they needed to hear of their demotion in person. But SGM stopped them from entering IPA. It’s not even 24 hours. In a company, there is still a 24 hour period before any separation. Not only that, how valid is a phone call to demote you? Oh, that’s right, don’t forget from a Registra of Society point of view, there are only 320 registered members in SGM. The rest of us are merely visitors to the society. So, that 24 hours rules does not matter. This has become a banana republic runs by dictators.

let-me-outJust outside the IPA where the control rooms are, this WD saw her comrades on the foyer and wanted to be let out but was not allowed. She started banging on the glass doors wanting to be let out. Majority of the leaders were already inside IPA chanting, oblivious to what’s happening, or choose to be ignorant, choose to be a sheep.

There’s another group of MD, outside the foyer, blocking the demonstrators from coming in. They formed a wall and after some time, they started chanting. Not sure if they are chanting for this problem to go away or they are treating these demoted leaders as devils and so chanting to keep evil away. Maybe they are chanting for themselves. Regardless, it’s upsetting to see leaders behaving in this way.

What’s worse was that SGM called the police! Which faith organization called police against its own members? Truly shameful indeed. When the police came and found out the demonstrators were members of the same organization, they were perplexed. Don’t forget that many of these people have dedicated their whole live to Gakkai, to kosen rufu. How can SGM demote them through phone calls at night and called police on them? Inhumane!


Just outside the oak doors leading to the IPA, a YWD was being stopped from going into the meeting by two women leaders. The YWD objected that she’s still a leader and have every rights to go in. Everyone walked past her, as though she’s invisible, even though she was vocal. None of the 4 division stepped in to help! Is this the organization of humanity here? What happened to Sensei’s guidance of protecting YWD? Is this the organization working for the goal of world peace?

At about 10.30am, inside IPA, the daimoku and gongyo ended. The leaders appointment began. Many new leaders were appointed. On the Chapter and above, many existing leaders were given more responsibilities – lots of “some position cum another position”. Is it really practical to put on more duties to an already overworked leader?

What made us angry was seeing the name of one MD, with the initial FKC on the screen. He was appointed as Chapter Chief. This MD was found guilty of womanizing and yet, because he had good relationship with GD, he get to keep his position in SGM and is now appointed with higher authority! Is this the type of organization that SGM has become? Person who is guilty of misconduct are kept and promoted but person who asked questions on regarding how SGM is run were sacked! These people who were sacked have contributed their whole life for SGM and yet, the emcee announced that these sacked leaders “have bad records“, as though FKC, who was just appointed a minute ago, did not have bad records!! How contradicting and insulting to the audience intelligence!

When GD spoke at about 12pm, he shared about the greatness of Ikeda Sensei. Overhead was beautiful, high definition photos of Sensei conducting his various meetings and dialogues. GD said that many famous people gave great designations to Sensei – The Giant of the East, Ikeda Dai-Sensei, The Unprecedented Man and the Rare Mentor – Mentor for Humanity. Why is he great? 4 reasons, GD said:
1. Vast Embracing Heart – Sensei always put people at ease and make them happy and help them enjoy life.
2. His Actions – he was committed to his work and strive to be a pioneer in everything he do, to break new grounds.
3. He created Soka Gakkai Buddha
4. He established the foundation for the eternity of SGI

We could not help but wondered – how hypocrite can GD be! Outside were people being unjustly demoted and they were demonstrating. Yet, inside this protective hall, he asked us to have “Vast Embracing Heart”! How can he said this with a straight face? How can all these leaders , these 1,000 leaders inside this hall, absorbed all this with such absolute trust and Obedience???

Also, we were told that one WD chief informed the leaders who demonstrated outside that they can send 4 rep to meet with GD after ALM. This WD was very senior, so they trusted her and went to a room. But GD never turned up! Why? Did he not get the message or he has no guts to face them? Is this another of his cowardly tactics? SGM said to have dialogues. People were prepared to dialogue but the topmost leader starts to avoid. Either that, or the senior WD lied about GD wanting to meet. Regardless, top leaders did not behave properly!

As the ALM meeting comes to an end, the group of MD Great Wall formed a human wall outside IPA, diverting traffic to the left and right towards the shoes cabinets, shielding the leaders coming out from the ugly demonstrators. They were singing Gakkai songs as loud as they can to drown out any sounds.

This is the state of SGM as it is today, a tightly controlled group that creates a sense of tranquility and protection, when in reality, it is an ugly society led by a group of INHUMANE dictators. What a sad realization and a terrible day to behold.

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