From snoopy:

“I have resigned as a leader recently. It took me months to come to this decision and it’s not something I take very lightly. There are lots of reasons and these are widely written in Daylight and Quiet Revolution, no need to repeat again. But the event of 8 Jan was the push factor that tilted me over. I witnessed with own eyes the chaos and ugly side of SGM.

I’ve heard that there are many more leaders who tendered their resignation across the region. Maybe they are equally frustrated and feel that they had enough of these nonsense already.

Here are what I hope to achieve through my resignation.

If enough leaders especially at grass root level resigned, this will validate that there is something wrong up there with the management. A lot of people believed what SGM said about the sacked Justice leaders having malicious and ill intentions to destroy SGM. SGM led many to think that their number is very small even though 400 leaders left Johor and many more members followed. If there is another large number of leaders who stepped down in protest, there must be validity to the claims of mismanagement at the top.

I noticed that many leaders who resigned are very capable people in kosenrufu. They were the front liners who worked hard for kosenrufu. Many are my friends and comrades and I can see that they are the ones who were hurt the most. The reasons being that they knew how hard and sincere their members have worked to save money to contribute. They saw the dedication their members put into SGM and they felt that SGM has indirectly misled these members by continuing to ask for contribution. I hope that after I resigned as leader and become a member, I can share the truth to my members so that they can be awakened and judge on their own.

I also noticed that many who were defending SGM (the so-called “pro-SGM leaders”), are disconnected from the grassroot. These are people who were busy with reports and other admin stuff, some don’t even take care of members anymore – these are the one who speak the loudest against the Justice leaders. These group continued to claim that gokuyo is good for SGM, that everyone have to trust GD and that GD is appointed by sensei, so he cannot do any wrong. I hope that my resignation will force the pro-SGM leaders to take back responsibilities at grassroots, to take on PIC roles in various activities, so that they can get grounded and be connected back to members. Let’s hope that they roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty again. Hopefully, this will bring forth their wisdom to see the truth.

Another main reason for my resignation that I want to mention is that SGM seemed to be advocating teachings that appears to be contrary to Nichiren Daishonin’s Gosho and sensei guidance, for example something along these lines: that there will be no heritage of faith outside Soka Gakkai even if we chant the daimoku. Without heritage of faith , we can’t experience happiness. Having said that , those who embrace the Gohonzon outside the Soka Gakkai, they can’t attain Buddhahood.

SGM has contradicted Nichiren Daishonin and sensei. In the Gosho and also sensei guidance, faith in the Gohonzon is the door that leads us to absolute happiness. SGM top leaders clearly are misusing SGI to their own advantage. I am not surprise if many didn’t notice because we have always been very trusting. I hope that my resignation will show the top leaders that we are not as simple-minded as the previous generations and we do have wisdom to determine what is right and what is wrong.”

Hopefully we will see a transformed SGM in future.