GD said in March 2017 ALM:

  1. Specifically, Daylight and Quiet Revolution used beautiful words to disseminate information with evil intention. This is just like Devil King of  the Sixth Heaven who used beautiful words to influence and ruin your faith. Pen is a powerful weapon, it can turn white into black and black into white. I, myself, is a writer, so I understand the power of words. Those people with evil intention like these want to create chaos in Gakkai. If you are not careful, you will be trapped and fell into their influence and your faith will waver….

  2. “After reading (the blogs), if you start to have doubts and start to ask questions, you are defeated by your own devilish functions. Don’t associate with Daylight and Quiet Revolution. These are manifestations of devilish functions. Don’t believe in all these media. Terminate any association or readings you might have. If you choose to believe and trust, please trust Gakkai, trust Sensei. If you want to read, read Gosho, read Sensei Guidance, read SGI official website. If you read (the blogs), you will start to doubt and distrust Soka Gakkai. In the end, the person who suffers is yourself, your faith is destroyed….
  3. “To those who used social media to influence members faith, disrupt the unity of the organization, incite leaders to resign, these are actions that divides the organization. This is liken to the 5th cardinal sin, which is dividing the organization. I’ve said before – creating disunity is a very serious offense. These people will definitely fall into the hell of incessant suffering….

Phew! That’s a lot of persecutions thrown at us. It took time to digest and formed a response which explained why we didn’t write anything after ALM. Our sincere apologies to the 100 visitors who came to Daylight and did not see any update.

Sure, there were interesting incidents happening in IPA. People standing up to ask GD questions. Music playing to cover their voices. Even more people clapping hands. Security guards coming in. Police officers standing outside.

But never mind all that. What we would like to write about is in response to what GD said above. We are not writers by profession and we have to applaud GD for his eloquence. He’s truly a gifted orator and pen-man. The choice of words, the structure of his sentence. It’s very convincing and is just brilliant.

What Daylight has written is openly available for anyone to read. We are reporting what is happening in Gakkai which we saw with our own eyes. The power lies with our readers to make their own judgement of what is right and what is wrong. When GD said that “After reading (the blogs), if you start to have doubts and start to ask questions, you are defeated by your own devilish functions”,  does it mean that we should not question any wrong doings? That we should not doubt what SGM top leaders are doing? Isn’t this called blind faith? All of us are members of Soka Gakkai and we all have equal rights to voice our concerns when we see them. How can GD ask us to silence our rights?

The woman who stood up to question GD in IPA is just an ordinary woman division leader, no high standing position in SGM. Why do you think she stood up in front of 1,000 people to voice her concerns? Do you think she was doing it for money, power or fame? We believe she has her own pride and she swallowed it that day when she decided to stand up. Why do people still voice out? It’s because Gakkai belongs to all of us. We care for Gakkai and we want a better Gakkai for our future generations.

Ikeda Sensei said:

“The powerful may appear great, but in reality they are not. Greatest of all are the ordinary people. If those in power lead lives of idle luxury it is because the people are silent. We have to speak out. With impassioned words, we need to resolutely attack abuses of power that cause people suffering. This is fighting on the side of justice. It is wrong to remain silent when confronted with injustice. Doing so is tantamount to supporting and condoning evil.”

On using social media to disrupt the unity of the organization, allow us to point out one specific Vice GD, Mr T. The poisonous words and accusations he put in his Facebook walls are notorious. Now, who is using social media to create disunity? He is a Vice General Director, one of the top leaders and pioneer in the organization, for goodness sake. He defamed the organization, its leaders and members in Facebook. And yet, why didn’t GD stop him from using social media? Why wasn’t he terminated? Why is there a different treatment to different people?

Don’t forget in 2 more weeks, we will be in the month of April. Exactly 1 year ago, on 1 April 2016, the ECC sent an email to all leaders with the subject “The Way Forward for SGM to Achieve 2030 Vision” where SGM proposed fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency. What exactly have SGM done in the past 365 days? As far as we know, they appointed an external auditor. On the other hand, there was a lot of time spent on sacking, terminations, removal and sidelining other leaders. Is this the accountability and responsibility one expect in a time of chaos? Speed matters here but SGM chose to take its own time and focus on burning more trees. Does anyone care to question this anymore? The slow pace of handling this situation caused more dissatisfaction among members who are righteous at heart. These non-actions on SGM’s part had divided the organization further.

In one more month, in May 2017, SGM will hold it’s AGM. Will TKH be removed from the top position for what happened in Johor? He resigned as State Chairman of Johor due to what happened there. That means, he had done wrong. And yet, SGM retained him in top leadership position in HQ. The excuse given was that he has not served his two years. His two years will be up by May 2017. Will he finally be removed?

Instead of blaming blogs and social media for creating problems within SGM, before warning others not to read these websites as it will cause them to ask question which leads to their faith wavering, before pointing fingers outwards, look within himself and his top leaders and change from within.

A great human revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of all humankind.

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