From The Real Lion:

In the past few days, there was a “Letter of Clarification” from a senior MD leader who went viral over WhatsApp throughout the nation. A few months before, similar letter was written by a senior WD chief who resigned. The thought that came to my mind was – why now?

In fact, why do the senior justice leaders even bothered with the letters? Are these new to us anymore? The MD leader cited disappointment, authoritarianism, ruthlessness, vicious spreading of slanders. These are stuff we all know 2 years ago. He didn’t even name the WD Region leader, WD Vice Chapter leader and MD Honbu leader who spread lies about him. Why keep their names a secret if these are facts? Wrong-doers should be called out publicly. Let other members and leaders confront these wrong-doers to get the facts right.

The paragraphs below are written out of compassion and with a stern voice for justice. It is addressed to justice leaders in general, not just the MD leader although for the sake of writing, I will use the word “you”.

I did not hear from you

A few years ago, Johor leaders and members stood up as a ONE and fought right to the front door of IPA in Cheras. When SGM KL Region 2 Honbu 3 leaders were being stopped from entering All Leaders Meet on 8 Jan; when SGM phoned them to sack them; when KL Region 2 Honbu 3 Gohonzon was retrieved from a meeting venue, did the leaders start to create awareness of these wrong doings and viral protest letters on behalf of them? Where was your justice roar? Why didn’t you, as Justice Senior Leaders, rally everyone around to come out as one, voice out and protest? Did you not feel their pain enough to protest openly? Your voices were not heard then. You may have voiced your disagreement and frustration internally with SGM or with selected group but I did not hear from you. We all never heard from you back then.

All of you (Justice Senior Leaders – JSL) chose to conduct these affairs in your way and you have lost touch with the wants and needs in addition of the voices of the Justice grassroots. Quite a number of them went to see all of you and some provided several courses of actions. All of their requests were turned down and it is as though it went to deaf ears. You (Justice Senior Leaders) look too highly upon yourselves, shrouded by your own ego and arrogance just because you felt that you have more experience in launching battles with the top leaders of SGM. The result was clear and simple – Justice Senior Leaders have FAILED to secure any victory. You have not only failed in those battles but you have actually failed to command dignity and respect even from your own Justice members on the ground. They kept their silence and disappointment while they greet you because they want to maintain the friendship. Deep down, what a disappointment!!!

Daylight and other social media were the platform for Justice Senior Leaders (JSL) to create awareness of SGM’s wrong doing. Instead, many chose to keep quiet and to do revolution from inside SGM, to dialogue and fight alone. Many held the views of “staying on and fighting from within“, “observe from within and point out SGM errors“, “let’s not disrupt harmony, things will get better“.

Your voices are only heard now when you are being sacked or chose to resign. You write letters of clarification with the intention of it going viral in social media. We finally hear from you! When the needle did not poke your skin, you don’t feel any pain 针不刺到肉不知道痛

Voicing out your dissatisfaction only when you are in the ‘boiling water’ indicates the lack of empathy being exhibited by Justice Senior Leaders. Periodically, these type of letters will be circulated and it is the same old thing (behaving like a ‘cry baby’). You’ve lost your dignity!!

Sack Vs Voluntarily Resignation

Several of you (JSL) were approached by the grassroots during the ‘Mass Resignation Campaign’ asking whether you will follow suit. Some of you said that you prefer to wait for SGM to sack as you wanted to show to the grassroots just how injustice these SGM top leaders can be. No joke – several of you said the same thing!!! As a result, approximately 120 KL leaders with KL Region 2 holding the highest record of 100 leaders voluntarily tendered their resignation as a sign of protest towards top leaders. All of you Stayed Back!!!

All of you are disappointed. Why? Because when you were sacked (or demoted) by SGM, your own Justice grassroots did not send Waves of Roars to express their support to you. The members were not really affected by your sacking/demotion and therefore, your initial expectation of “wanting the grassroots to see the injustice of top leaders” did not materialise. On the contrary, some members even chose to believe that “you’re sack because you did something wrong”. It is a big blow to all of you. But remember, this outcome can be traced back to your own INACTION back in 2017.

Can you actually see the difference of the treatment received in comparison between those who are sacked/demoted and those whom voluntarily resigned? Leaders who voluntarily resigned (and are now members) are not seen in a bad light or at least not as bad as leaders who were sacked by SGM. Why is that? Because those who voluntarily resigned could loudly proclaimed to all the members that “I resign as a sign of protest. I do not agree with your leadership and hence I tendered my resignation; it has nothing to do with any bad conduct or wrongdoings towards SGM“. As for Justice Senior Leaders who were sacked, members will tend to listen to SGM’s explanation that “these people are sacked because they causes harm to the organisation and hence they are no longer leaders”. Members chose to believe SGM top leaders. Your INACTION to chart a BOLD course of action back then led you to this outcome.

To those Justice Senior Leaders who voluntarily tendered their resignation in 2018, let’s get this straight – you tendered your resignation due to justice or out of fear of being sacked? If you said it is due to Justice , then your action is questionable and never commendable because your voluntarily resignation in the year 2018 does not fit the Timing of Battle. If you said that you are not afraid of being sacked, then why didn’t you join the Mass Resignation Campaign back then? Insider news has been circulating that a list of Justice Senior Leaders will be on the chopping board in the first half of 2018 and surely all of you could have guessed or spotted your name in the Menu 菜单. This is not a speculation and it is an open news that a lot of members in KL knew about. Will it be accurate to say that these Justice Senior Leaders who voluntarily tendered their resignation in 2018 did it to safeguard their ego? The scenario of  “Before I got kicked out , it’s better to resign“. This is an Act of Cowardice . You are doing it for yourself and never for the Justice Movement. Coward!!!

Do you want to repeat this again? If all of you still laid back and relax, then all of you (Justice Senior Leaders) are IRRESPONSIBLE AND LACK OF EMPATHY. Your Love towards Nichiren Daishonin and Justice are not authentic. Please prove me wrong!!!

We should be guilty of this offense

The Johor incident started 4 years ago. When Johor comrades came in buses to BK to have dialogue, we should all be united and come together as ONE to support them. When 500 Johor leaders resigned and left the organization, we all should have stood up, protest in numbers and shout down all those ruthless top SGM leaders.. much like how all of the rakyat came out in demonstration during Bersih.

We are the cause of many sincere Johor members and leaders leaving SGM. We are the cause of many members (in NBA) who does not have direction, who are lost and who are suffering today. We should be guilty of this offense. There is a popular saying: time is of essence, strike when the iron is hot. However, the time has passed on. The fire of justice in many of us have died, systematically doused by inadequate action of senior justice leaders. We left R2H3 leaders and members to fight on their own and thus “killed in action (KIA)”. Many of the justice leaders who chose to stay quiet, have 1-1 dialogue and fight from within was systematically sacked or forced to resign. We are all individual chopstick, easily broken into two with a snap of a finger.

Tell your story openly!

Our new government openly run ceramah to create awareness and invoke the rakyat to fight. They run Bersih movement. After years of many ceramah and Bersih movements – the result was a change in government. We need similar senior justice leaders who can move and rally the members to do the same. In small groups, you talked about the ruthlessness of SGM top leaders and how unjust you feel. Why share your facts and bitter experiences to just a small selected groups? Today, if we asked any sacked leaders to share their experiences openly to members in a forum, we bet that they will not do it. Even now. Only the Johor people and the R2H3 people have guts to stand up and voice out. Are we all talk and no action?

What I want is for you all to share facts and figures and bitter experiences with every individuals. Tell your story openly! Are we protecting Gakkai by keeping quiet, by letting it rot from within? Or do we openly share the dirty linens and secrets and force the change in top management? This is the only way moving forward. Otherwise, these things will be buried over time and forgotten. These stuff will be filed as Red Files at the back of our minds, unable to be retrieved. Justice will NOT prevail when there are inaction or when there are quiet revolution. The rot will fester and grow.

The call to action starts now, it’s never to late to act. This is the time, this is the moment! Start to get in touch with your Grassroots, for Daishonin’s sake!!!!

Daylight wish to apologize to the author for publishing this late. We have not been checking our mailbox for some time. Thank you for writing in.