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  1. ECC的解散。ECC是在今年初被理事长创建的。它由学会的6个很高层的干部组成,并且他们手底下有20个领导社会多年的总理事会会友。我们认为这是一种巩固权力的表现,所以需要把权力分散。


  2. 创建一个能让草根会友和干部成为正式会员,有话语权,并在年度总大会中有投票权的系统。
  3. 在社会成员之间的和平与和谐,也就是说能够解决每个人的担忧,达成一个令人满意的解决方案。
  4. 学会应该开始和NBA的干部和会友沟通,别总是批评他们 要邀请他们重新加入学会。


What do we want to see?

  1. Dissolution of the Executive Council Committee. This ECC was set up early this year by General Director. It is made up of 6 very senior leaders in SGM and they presided over the 20 General Council members who has been leading the society for many years. We see this as a consolidation of power that needed to be decentralized.

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  2. Establishment of a system so that grassroots members and leaders are able to appoint their representative to be a full member to have a voice and vote in Annual General Meeting
  3. Peace and harmony within the members in the society which means being able to address everyone’s concern and come to a satisfied resolution.
  4. SGM should start to dialogue back with leaders and members of Nichiren Buddhist Association (NBA), stop criticising them and invite them to re-join SGM.