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Persecution against people who left (Nov All Leaders’ Meet; 11月全体干部会)

We have mixed feelings after attending the All Leaders’ Meet a couple of days ago. SGM would like to share learnings from a recent autumn training in Japan. It was a last minute notice. Due to the nature of the “last minute” arrangement, and that it coincided with the establishment of NBA KL, many of us were curious. That evening, all 5 speakers were members of the highest echelon, the Executive Council Committee (ECC).

前几天我们出席了全体干部会我们感到非常的百感交集。 SGM想分享在日本秋天培训学习的收获。这是最后一分钟的通知。由于那种“最后一分钟”的安排,而且也与吉隆坡日连佛法复兴会(NBA)的建立重合。那天晚上的5为主讲人是中央委员会的会员(ECC)。

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What should be my prayer objectives? 我的祈求目标应该是什么?

If you are secretly protesting the top leadership of SGM, surely, you might not be in total agreement with the recent guidelines on the new prayer objectives. You will have your own version of prayer objectives.

如果您正在秘密抗议SGM的高层领导,当然,您可能不完全同意最近关于新的祈求目标的指导方针。 你将有你自己的版本的祈求目标。 Continue reading “What should be my prayer objectives? 我的祈求目标应该是什么?”

Announcement: you can also use to come to this website.

A Quiet Revolution

A group of young people started a website or blog to discuss the current issue. In fact, their knowledge of the issues is impressive to us, perhaps they have first hand knowledge. Regardless, it’s a great website in both English and Mandarin. Highly recommended read.

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Resignation 辞去我干部职位

如果SGM 在2016 年 12 月开始辞去更多的干部, 您会如何回应?

What if SGM starts to terminate more leaders in December 2016? How will you react?

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Survey Result

Result from the Aug 2016 survey on the Dissolution of the 6-man Executive Central Committee.
Result from the Aug 2016 survey on the Dissolution of the 6-man Executive Central Committee.

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