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日光的最后一个帖子。Daylight’s Final Post.

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曾经有个14位家庭成员的一户人家生活在贫困之中。父母都怜悯,维护人本价值观。他们严格对待孩子,在需要的时候谴责,在正确的时刻表扬。 每天,孩子们都在吸收如何尊重别人的价值观,孝顺,感谢,勤奋,诚实,有永不放弃的精神。他们咬牙切齿地面对着贫穷和艰辛的风雨。他们的孩子受到教育,随着孩子们的成长,整个家庭都摆脱了贫穷的困境。

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The House of Ignorant Children and Awakened Ones

There was once a family of 14 who lives in poverty. Poor as they may be, both Father and Mother uphold humanistic values. They were strict with their Children, reprimand when needed and praise at the right moment. Day in and out, the Children absorbed values of respecting others, filial piety, gratitude, hard work, honesty, and having the spirit of never giving up. They gritted their teeth and faced the storm of poverty and hardships. Their Children received education and the entire family jumped out of the circle of poverty as the Children were growing up.

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Heritage of Faith (Reply to Sep 2016 Cosmic Editorial)


  1. Let us begin by expressing our appreciation to SGM Publication in publishing study materials for fellow comrades. Over the years, all of us must have benefited from learning through Cosmic-Flow. Cosmic is the flower and fragrance of peace. We use Cosmic magazine to do shakubuku.
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Persecution from GD (March 2017 All Leaders Meet)

GD said in March 2017 ALM:

  1. Specifically, Daylight and Quiet Revolution used beautiful words to disseminate information with evil intention. This is just like Devil King of  the Sixth Heaven who used beautiful words to influence and ruin your faith. Pen is a powerful weapon, it can turn white into black and black into white. I, myself, is a writer, so I understand the power of words. Those people with evil intention like these want to create chaos in Gakkai. If you are not careful, you will be trapped and fell into their influence and your faith will waver….
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Q&A on resignation from readers

Edit: Daylight wish to apologize for the provocative title. We are sorry for using irrelevant titles.

Rissho Jonin questioned:

“Dear Daylight,

Thank you for the effort in organising/ coordinating the resignation campaign. You’ve highlighted the thoughts of many who are disappointed with the recent action taken by SGM. I have questions and doubt in which I would like Daylight to respond before I tender my resignation thru Daylight.

1) I want to have the guarantee that Daylight will still be with SGM and will not cross over or be in favour to any other organisation hereafter. This is because I will not submit my resignation to a third party who will cross over to another organisation as I am strongly against joining other organisations. I will continue to stay on as a member of Soka Gakkai Malaysia. Please be truthful with me on your reply.

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Resignation Letter 辞职信

We were very disappointed with what happened during Black Day, 8 Jan 2017. What a lousy way to start the New Year. After one year of trying to get answers from SGM, many of us are burnt out. It’s draining us emotionally and physically.

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从幻灯片(PPT /POWERPOINT) 显示在2016年10月的御供养,SGM收集了MYR $ 108万,下降了65.13%。我们不能确定这比较是基于2016年4月的供养数目或2015年10月的供养数目。对于这个分析,我们假设它是用了2016年4月的数目。

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