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Resignation Letter 辞职信

We were very disappointed with what happened during Black Day, 8 Jan 2017. What a lousy way to start the New Year. After one year of trying to get answers from SGM, many of us are burnt out. It’s draining us emotionally and physically.

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从幻灯片(PPT /POWERPOINT) 显示在2016年10月的御供养,SGM收集了MYR $ 108万,下降了65.13%。我们不能确定这比较是基于2016年4月的供养数目或2015年10月的供养数目。对于这个分析,我们假设它是用了2016年4月的数目。

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Black Day

8 Jan 2017 – Today is a black day for Soka Gakkai Malaysia. If you are a leader of SGM, you should be really ashamed of what happened. Disgrace is the word we will use to describe today. One or two days before today’s All Leaders’s Meet, many leaders who stood for justice, received phone calls informing them they were being stripped off their title and were demoted to being a member. The axe came down swift and certain. The execution was through a short phone call. No dialogue. No reasons given. You are out. Just like that.
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Gokuyo In-depth Analysis (December State Rep Meeting-Part 2)

After sitting down to collect our thoughts, we would like to share some analysis from the recent State Rep Meet, specifically related to gokuyo.

1. On Total Ringgit Collected

From one slide of the presentation, it was stated that in Oct 2016 gokuyo, SGM collected MYR$10.8 Million which was a 65.13% drop. We are not sure if the comparison was based on April 2016 number or Oct 2015 number. For this analysis, we assume it was comparing to April 2016 number.

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