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From the authors of Daylight

Gokuyo In-depth Analysis (December State Rep Meeting-Part 2)

After sitting down to collect our thoughts, we would like to share some analysis from the recent State Rep Meet, specifically related to gokuyo.

1. On Total Ringgit Collected

From one slide of the presentation, it was stated that in Oct 2016 gokuyo, SGM collected MYR$10.8 Million which was a 65.13% drop. We are not sure if the comparison was based on April 2016 number or Oct 2015 number. For this analysis, we assume it was comparing to April 2016 number.

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Gokuyo Update (December State Rep Meeting-Part 1)

It is shocking for us to note that in today’s State Rep leaders meeting, GD reminded leaders of the importance of monetary gokuyo and stressed that SGM requires a healthy gokuyo fund to continue it’s long term goal of kosen-rufu in Malaysia. This statement was made because of a drastic drop of 8,000 contributors in the October 2016 gokuyo.

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2017 Resolution; 2017年的决意清单

It’s December. Time to come up with a list of resolutions for 2017. The Johor incident have indirectly broken SGM into four groups. As such, we would like to suggest resolutions for each of the group with the underlying same objective of unity, getting back together, reconciliation and moving forward.

十二月到来了,也是时候提出2017年的决意清单。柔佛事件间接地将SGM分成四组。 因此,我们希望为每个小组提出具有团结,回到一起,和解和前进的基本相同目标的决意。

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Is Daylight affiliated to NBA??

In our About Us page, we started by saying we are not anti-Gakkai. What we are against are the current top management of SGM, specifically the 6-man ECC who is not able to manage the crisis that started in Johor which now resulted in a split of the organisation.

在我们的 “关于我们” 的页面,我们强调了我们不是反学会。 我们反对的是目前SGM的管理层,特别是中央委员会6位会员ECC无法应对在柔佛开始的危机,现在导致组织分裂。
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What should be my prayer objectives? 我的祈求目标应该是什么?

If you are secretly protesting the top leadership of SGM, surely, you might not be in total agreement with the recent guidelines on the new prayer objectives. You will have your own version of prayer objectives.

如果您正在秘密抗议SGM的高层领导,当然,您可能不完全同意最近关于新的祈求目标的指导方针。 你将有你自己的版本的祈求目标。 Continue reading “What should be my prayer objectives? 我的祈求目标应该是什么?”

Fighting Against Evil

In this week’s Buddhist essentials study meeting, we learned about Refuting the Nikken sect, or in other words, Fighting Against Evil. Scholars and learned people say that we should learn from history so that we do not repeat the folly of the past. The materials below are from the Elementary Level/Youth Level 3 Study Exam book.

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