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Too little, too late. You had it coming, serves you right!

From The Real Lion:

In the past few days, there was a “Letter of Clarification” from a senior MD leader who went viral over WhatsApp throughout the nation. A few months before, similar letter was written by a senior WD chief who resigned. The thought that came to my mind was – why now?

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snoopy – Why I resigned

From snoopy:

“I have resigned as a leader recently. It took me months to come to this decision and it’s not something I take very lightly. There are lots of reasons and these are widely written in Daylight and Quiet Revolution, no need to repeat again. But the event of 8 Jan was the push factor that tilted me over. I witnessed with own eyes the chaos and ugly side of SGM.

I’ve heard that there are many more leaders who tendered their resignation across the region. Maybe they are equally frustrated and feel that they had enough of these nonsense already.

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Black Day (Part 2)

From anonymous reader:

“On Sunday, 8 January 2017, we have witnessed the most disappointing and saddening event in our entire journey of 30 years with SGM. We are not here to accuse or bad mouth anyone but to put on records of what we have seen and heard with our own eyes and ears.

When we arrived at IPA at 9.30am for the All Leaders Meet (“ALM”), a group of leaders has gathered at the IPA front porch. Some of the leaders has been demoted to members and were denied entry into the IPA hall. The demoted leaders were given short notice through phone calls and WhatsApp. This form of communication was not formal and there was no official letter given either. Especially in these current sensitive times where any demotion/dismissal must be handled with care and with proper procedures. The demotion would be announced at the ALM on that day. Common sense would state that the demotion will formally take effect after it has been announced during the ALM.

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Transparency in organisation structure 组织结构透明度。

 “I’d like to share something on transparency. SGM put this as a key pillar and I hope they are looking into being transparent on procurement policies, tender processes, financial and accounting procedures and management selection. I’d like to just zoom into one topic which I believe is dear to our members’ heart. The topic is on membership and AGM (Annual General Meeting).

“我想分享我对透明度的看法。 SGM 注重透明度我也希望他们也能朝向这透明度在采购政策,招标程序, 财务和会计程序和管理制度上做到。 我也想放大让大家注重的学会里年度总会。

(English text after Chinese text)

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Comments on Driving Members and Leaders Attitude

The Culture and Art of Soka post has about 7 comments from our readers. If you haven’t read them yet, you can go to the bottom of that article and read. Thank you to our readers for submitting their views.

We are compiling them here because these public comments were very valid and we’d like to share it with you. Continue reading “Comments on Driving Members and Leaders Attitude”

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