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Fairness, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency in Soka Gakkai Malaysia 公正, 问责制, 责任, 透明度



Culture and Art of Soka – Touring Education Programme “创价艺文之道”艺文教育系列巡回分享


A few days ago, a memo from SGM was sent out… (English text after the Chinese text)

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Questions & Answers

These are questions that SGM leaders frequently ask during dialogues. They are good questions and often you tend to agree with them. But when you think further, these questions only serve to confuse you further. The purpose of this page is to keep you informed in your search for the truth.

Q. If the Justice Group have proof of mishandling of funds in Johor and also proof of similar misconduct in KL, why not report to MACC?
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