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Fairness, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency in Soka Gakkai Malaysia 公正, 问责制, 责任, 透明度



Persecution from GD (March 2017 All Leaders Meet)

GD said in March 2017 ALM:

  1. Specifically, Daylight and Quiet Revolution used beautiful words to disseminate information with evil intention. This is just like Devil King of  the Sixth Heaven who used beautiful words to influence and ruin your faith. Pen is a powerful weapon, it can turn white into black and black into white. I, myself, is a writer, so I understand the power of words. Those people with evil intention like these want to create chaos in Gakkai. If you are not careful, you will be trapped and fell into their influence and your faith will waver….
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Black Day (Part 2)

From anonymous reader:

“On Sunday, 8 January 2017, we have witnessed the most disappointing and saddening event in our entire journey of 30 years with SGM. We are not here to accuse or bad mouth anyone but to put on records of what we have seen and heard with our own eyes and ears.

When we arrived at IPA at 9.30am for the All Leaders Meet (“ALM”), a group of leaders has gathered at the IPA front porch. Some of the leaders has been demoted to members and were denied entry into the IPA hall. The demoted leaders were given short notice through phone calls and WhatsApp. This form of communication was not formal and there was no official letter given either. Especially in these current sensitive times where any demotion/dismissal must be handled with care and with proper procedures. The demotion would be announced at the ALM on that day. Common sense would state that the demotion will formally take effect after it has been announced during the ALM.

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Black Day

8 Jan 2017 – Today is a black day for Soka Gakkai Malaysia. If you are a leader of SGM, you should be really ashamed of what happened. Disgrace is the word we will use to describe today. One or two days before today’s All Leaders’s Meet, many leaders who stood for justice, received phone calls informing them they were being stripped off their title and were demoted to being a member. The axe came down swift and certain. The execution was through a short phone call. No dialogue. No reasons given. You are out. Just like that.
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Persecution against people who left (Nov All Leaders’ Meet; 11月全体干部会)

We have mixed feelings after attending the All Leaders’ Meet a couple of days ago. SGM would like to share learnings from a recent autumn training in Japan. It was a last minute notice. Due to the nature of the “last minute” arrangement, and that it coincided with the establishment of NBA KL, many of us were curious. That evening, all 5 speakers were members of the highest echelon, the Executive Council Committee (ECC).

前几天我们出席了全体干部会我们感到非常的百感交集。 SGM想分享在日本秋天培训学习的收获。这是最后一分钟的通知。由于那种“最后一分钟”的安排,而且也与吉隆坡日连佛法复兴会(NBA)的建立重合。那天晚上的5为主讲人是中央委员会的会员(ECC)。

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About Us

Let’s be very clear about purpose of this website. We are not anti-Gakkai (Soka Gakkai Malaysia). We are dissatisfied with the current top leadership in SGM, which is made up of 6 powerful Executive Central Committee (ECC) leaders.

In the past two years, a major incident happened in Johor, read here. The ECC failed to contain this situation and it had gotten worse. There were hatred, distrust, accusations, shouting and finger pointing. Our organisation forgot that we were once a faith organisation and compassion was key to being a Buddhist.
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