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日光的最后一个帖子。Daylight’s Final Post.

(English text after Chinese text below)

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2017 Resolution; 2017年的决意清单

It’s December. Time to come up with a list of resolutions for 2017. The Johor incident have indirectly broken SGM into four groups. As such, we would like to suggest resolutions for each of the group with the underlying same objective of unity, getting back together, reconciliation and moving forward.

十二月到来了,也是时候提出2017年的决意清单。柔佛事件间接地将SGM分成四组。 因此,我们希望为每个小组提出具有团结,回到一起,和解和前进的基本相同目标的决意。

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What should be my prayer objectives? 我的祈求目标应该是什么?

If you are secretly protesting the top leadership of SGM, surely, you might not be in total agreement with the recent guidelines on the new prayer objectives. You will have your own version of prayer objectives.

如果您正在秘密抗议SGM的高层领导,当然,您可能不完全同意最近关于新的祈求目标的指导方针。 你将有你自己的版本的祈求目标。 Continue reading “What should be my prayer objectives? 我的祈求目标应该是什么?”

Will you stand up? 您会站立起来吗?

Letter from another reader, White Lotus:

Many years ago, there was allegations of SGM top leaders taking advantage of young women division members who went to them for dialogues…. (English text after Chinese text below)


很多年前, SGM高层干部被指控当学会的女子部向他们展开对话时被欺负,也导致了一位女子部停止出席学会活动。当这位女子部的干部发现了这一点,她向其他的干部寻求意见,但被要求不要大肆提起此事。

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Why is this site called Daylight?

25 Oct – Update: you can now type in your browser to come to this website!

We have some readers writing to us thanking us for the website and a few asked us about the name. Why is it called Daylight?

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My Gakkai, My Home

My Gakkai, My Home

Thanks for setting up this portal for me to voice my thoughts. I have something I’d like to share. I grew up with Gakkai and I have participated in many activities. I love  Gakkai a lot and I’d give my life for Gakkai. Ikeda Sensei trusted Gakkai in our hands so that we can bring happiness to people in Malaysia, in the world.

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