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Fairness, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency in Soka Gakkai Malaysia 公正, 问责制, 责任, 透明度



Transparency in organisation structure 组织结构透明度。

 “I’d like to share something on transparency. SGM put this as a key pillar and I hope they are looking into being transparent on procurement policies, tender processes, financial and accounting procedures and management selection. I’d like to just zoom into one topic which I believe is dear to our members’ heart. The topic is on membership and AGM (Annual General Meeting).

“我想分享我对透明度的看法。 SGM 注重透明度我也希望他们也能朝向这透明度在采购政策,招标程序, 财务和会计程序和管理制度上做到。 我也想放大让大家注重的学会里年度总会。

(English text after Chinese text)

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About Us

Let’s be very clear about purpose of this website. We are not anti-Gakkai (Soka Gakkai Malaysia). We are dissatisfied with the current top leadership in SGM, which is made up of 6 powerful Executive Central Committee (ECC) leaders.

In the past two years, a major incident happened in Johor, read here. The ECC failed to contain this situation and it had gotten worse. There were hatred, distrust, accusations, shouting and finger pointing. Our organisation forgot that we were once a faith organisation and compassion was key to being a Buddhist.
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Repercussion from Johor Incident

The Johor incident started in 2014. At that time, the incident was contained in a tight lid, only the need-to-know were aware of it. Our Johor comrades did not make any big outcry because they understood that these would have negative effect to our members’ faith and practice. For the sake of SGM, Johor comrades engaged in closed door dialogues with SGM leaders in KL. If any of the Johor leaders would like to supply details of what happened during 2014 and 2015, please contact us.
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