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Repercussion from Johor Incident

The Johor incident started in 2014. At that time, the incident was contained in a tight lid, only the need-to-know were aware of it. Our Johor comrades did not make any big outcry because they understood that these would have negative effect to our members’ faith and practice. For the sake of SGM, Johor comrades engaged in closed door dialogues with SGM leaders in KL. If any of the Johor leaders would like to supply details of what happened during 2014 and 2015, please contact us.
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Questions & Answers

These are questions that SGM leaders frequently ask during dialogues. They are good questions and often you tend to agree with them. But when you think further, these questions only serve to confuse you further. The purpose of this page is to keep you informed in your search for the truth.

Q. If the Justice Group have proof of mishandling of funds in Johor and also proof of similar misconduct in KL, why not report to MACC?
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In-reply to September 2016 Cosmic Editorial


  1. Let us begin by expressing our appreciation to SGM Publication in publishing study materials for fellow comrades. Over the years, all of us must have benefited from learning through Cosmic-Flow. Cosmic is the flower and fragrance of peace. We use Cosmic magazine to do shakubuku.
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March 2017 All Leaders Meet

GD said in March 2017 ALM:

  1. Specifically, Daylight and Quiet Revolution used beautiful words to disseminate information with evil intention. This is just like Devil King of  the Sixth Heaven who used beautiful words to influence and ruin your faith. Pen is a powerful weapon, it can turn white into black and black into white. I, myself, is a writer, so I understand the power of words. Those people with evil intention like these want to create chaos in Gakkai. If you are not careful, you will be trapped and fell into their influence and your faith will waver….
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snoopy – Why I resigned

From snoopy:

“I have resigned as a leader recently. It took me months to come to this decision and it’s not something I take very lightly. There are lots of reasons and these are widely written in Daylight and Quiet Revolution, no need to repeat again. But the event of 8 Jan was the push factor that tilted me over. I witnessed with own eyes the chaos and ugly side of SGM.

I’ve heard that there are many more leaders who tendered their resignation across the region. Maybe they are equally frustrated and feel that they had enough of these nonsense already.

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Reminder that Wave 2 ends on 12 Feb and we will post the letters on the week of 13th Feb. 

Update: for those who resigned, A Quiet Revolution have a great post for you to read: Life After Resignation. 

Q&A on resignation from readers

Edit: Daylight wish to apologize for the provocative title. We are sorry for using irrelevant titles.

Rissho Jonin questioned:

“Dear Daylight,

Thank you for the effort in organising/ coordinating the resignation campaign. You’ve highlighted the thoughts of many who are disappointed with the recent action taken by SGM. I have questions and doubt in which I would like Daylight to respond before I tender my resignation thru Daylight.

1) I want to have the guarantee that Daylight will still be with SGM and will not cross over or be in favour to any other organisation hereafter. This is because I will not submit my resignation to a third party who will cross over to another organisation as I am strongly against joining other organisations. I will continue to stay on as a member of Soka Gakkai Malaysia. Please be truthful with me on your reply.

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Resignation Letter 辞职信

We were very disappointed with what happened during Black Day, 8 Jan 2017. What a lousy way to start the New Year. After one year of trying to get answers from SGM, many of us are burnt out. It’s draining us emotionally and physically.

(English text is after Chinese text below, please scroll down….)



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