After sitting down to collect our thoughts, we would like to share some analysis from the recent State Rep Meet, specifically related to gokuyo.

1. On Total Ringgit Collected

From one slide of the presentation, it was stated that in Oct 2016 gokuyo, SGM collected MYR$10.8 Million which was a 65.13% drop. We are not sure if the comparison was based on April 2016 number or Oct 2015 number. For this analysis, we assume it was comparing to April 2016 number.

Working backwards base on the percentage and amount, we can calculate that SGM collected MYR$31 Million in April 2016. This means that SGM have already achieved the cost of the SGI SEATC of MYR$40 Million by April. Then, why do SGM still pushed members for further contributions to SGI SEATC in Oct? (edit: we wish to correct ourselves. SGM collected MYR$70 Million by the third gokuyo in Oct 2015 and far exceed its target of $40 Million. If that is the case, why did SGM continue to push for April 2016 gokuyo?)

Now, assuming the drop of 65.13% was due to Johor crisis, let’s project that SGM will have similar drop or a bigger one in 2017 April gokuyo. This projection is accurate because SGM don’t have a SGI SEATC to target for next year. That means, April 2017 gokuyo might be just only MYR$3.77 Million (another 65% drop from $10.8M. That’s a HUGE nosedive from $31M in April 2016 – almost 88% drop if this projection is accurate. No wonder the top leaders are panicking and continue to stress the importance of gokuyo.

2. On the number of contributors

In the same presentation, the number of contributors for Oct 2016 gokuyo was 43,961 members, dropped by 16.31%. Again assuming April 2016 as base of comparison, it means we had 52,566 people who came for gokuyo in April. A drop of 16.31% of 52,566 is actually 8,605 people who did not come. GD said 8,000 plus people but the actual number was more alarming: 8,605!

3. By State

We also noted some data:
KL had -72% drop in amount contributed and -24% drop in people turn out.

Selangor had -62% drop in amount contributed and -16% drop in people turn out.

Melaka: -63% drop in $ and -18% drop in contributors.

Perak: -65% drop in $ and -12% drop in contributors.

And finally, Johor: -75% drop in $ and 21% drop in contributors.

Now you know why there is panic among the top leaders. Every State showed a drop in both categories. We noted that the percentage of drop in contributors is not as bad (just around 20% on average). This is consistent with the segregation that we observed among members and leaders today, which consisted of pro-SGM, justice group, silent protestors and NBA group. We do think that pro SGM and silent protestors made up the majority and they still came out for gokuyo, resulting in a low drop of contributors of around -20% on average.

But when we looked at both stats together: a DRASTIC drop in monetary contribution and the smaller drop in attendance – we can conclude that these groups, pro SGM and silent protestors who came to gokuyo, are probably contributing a very small amount: maybe just $50 or $100.

What does that mean? It could mean that those who claimed they are standing on SGM side, those who said “trust GD”, “SGM has done no wrong” – these people are hypocrites! On the front, they acted like they are supportive of SGM, but when it comes to their wallet/purse, they were not as vocal and supportive anymore.

On the other hand, it could also mean that the pro-SGM are also a small minority. There are a lot more silent protestors than we thought. If this silent group is made up of a huge number, it also spells trouble for SGM because they will not voice out and they will not contribute in future. But why do they turn out for gokuyo? Maybe it’s because this group still think that gokuyo will bring them benefits, they still hold on to this old habits.

It’s time to review the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin in the Gosho on offerings of the law and monetary contribution.

Nichiren Daishonin states that treasure of the heart is the most important of all (as compared to treasure of the storehouse). To manifest the treasure of the heart, our daily chanting and shakubuku efforts are vital. No where in the Gosho did Nichiren taught us about monetary contribution (gokuyo) leading us to treasure of the heart. It is only through making great vow for the happiness of the people (kosenrufu) that we are able to manifest the treasure of the heart (Buddhahood).

Let’s do away the mindset of – no gokuyo, no good fortune. Good fortune comes from making a great vow for kosenrufu with chanting daimoku of absolute faith in the Gohonzon and shakubuku. Let’s make a resolution to practice correct faith based on the Gosho in the year 2017.

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